Electronic Approval Systems Enterprise

EASE - Requests

EASE offers a unique solution for Business Process Management allowing organizations to migrate various paper-based administrative processes to highly efficient electronic workflows. Purchase requests, Travel Request, Expense claim request, Compliance Approval Request, Vacation Request, Timesheets, Activity, Costs and efforts manager, Project billing, Help Desk Tool, Minutes of Meeting are some of the key workflows available on EASE.

ACE Manager

ACE manager is the web based tool for activity, costs and efforts management. Employees can easily fill out monthly timesheet entries and submit for the approval. Team leaders and the managers can review, approve and submit the timesheet for project billing. The managers can define the projects, tasks, project team members, monthly or hourly fees per resource and the project timeline which can be used by employees to fill out the timesheets.

HR Manager

HR manager provides with number of diverse functionalities like Standing data , Payroll , Payroll schedule details , payroll report and PES (Performance Evaluation System).It holds information about Employee,Team and vacations.HR manager can have access to payrolls and payroll schedule of the employee and can create pay slips too.It also offers PES.PES allows HR department to keep in check performance of the employee using 360 degree feedback

Help Desk

EASE Desk is a Web-based tool that allows employees to submit technology service or a problem request. The end user can define the form templates which make it possible to raise a problem request easily and faster. The implementers can maintain a work log against each request assigned to them. EASE Desk can be extended with EASE Analytics and Reporting functionality which can provide vital statistics about system used in the organization in terms of number of requests, problems and the business impact.

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