A Buy Side Solution

Order Management System - OMS

The portfolio managers can view portfolio valuations for one or multiple portfolios against a benchmark or model portfolio simultaneously; can perform diverse scenarios such as orders creation for one stock in multiple portfolios or even multi stock - multi portfolio re-balancing strategies. Orders can also be generated for subscriptions and redemptions while ensuring that sector as well as stock weights remain in-line with the equivalents weights the benchmark.

Execution Management System - EMS

Chanakya offers Trade Manager as a solution for buy-side traders. Traders can accept and consolidate the orders sent by fund managers and save them in designated folders called trays automatically. This is a classic function as it allows orders to be segregated by desks, countries, teams etc. helping order execution process much easier. Trader Manager allows single, multi and basket order placement function as well.

Broker Connectivity (FIX)

Chanakya Trade Manager offers electronic connectivity with brokers using FIX protocol to execute the trades directly with the exchange. Buy-side dealers can route the cash orders as well as basket orders to the brokers using FIX and also receive the trade executions.Our In-Build Pre-Trade Compliance ensures that the all the orders run through pre-trade compliance engine and any breaches are identified and warnings are given to the dealers.Broker restrictions, stock restrictions, variance in price limit as well as deal amount limit can be configured using pre-trade compliance engine.

Reporting And Charting

Chanakya Portfolio Manager also offers charting and reporting features that allows portfolio managers to view their portfolio valuations using a chart mode. The charting module also allows views that can highlight absolute as well as active % weights/exposures per sector and stocks.AUM reports can extend the reporting features to draw charts such as AUM by portfolio group, asset class, country, by fund manager, by team, by client type.This reporting feature is very much needed for senior fund managers as well as the CXOs such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Investment Officers, Head of Trading.

An Enterprise Mobility Solution